Noosa Surfing

Main Beach at Noosa offers a great place to learn to surf, the north facing beach generally has perfect conditions so why not have a go at surfing when in Noosa, you can book your lessons on line:

3 day Surf Package
Enjoy a three day surfing lesson in sunny Noosa on Queensland's magical Sunshine Coast. We'll have you up on your feet and catching waves before you know it. Be the envy of your non-surfing friends!

2 lessons in 1 Day Surf Package
Noosa is one of the safest beaches to learn to surf in Australia ! All beginners start in waist deep water with coaches standing right beside you. Experience the feeling of standing on a board and surfing a wave to the beach, guaranteed. Whether it is your first time, or you just need some additional coaching... drop in, after all who better to learn to surf with than - a world champion!

5 Day Surf Package in Noosa
Noosa is one of the best places in the world, when it comes to learning to surf. You can learn much faster here because the waves are softer than usual. Noosa is Australia's most beautiful surfing destination. Safe, gentle waves break in warm, waist deep water. The water is really blue and the sand is clean and white. You can picture it now! The 5 day package can be taken consecutively or broken up over a period of time. Become a bona fide surfer over 5 lessons. Gain all the necessary skills to become confident when you take on the waves on your own. This package is a great kick start for people who want the surfing lifestyle. Whether you're a complete beginner or have had a few lessons before, this package suits anyone and everyone! We tailor each lesson to suit your individual standard to ensure you learn the most out of each session. You learn in a relaxed, informal environment at your own pace.

Learn to surf


Noosa offers great surfing with its north facing beach, five right hand points and tropical backdrop of the protected National Park. If you are beginner try Little Cove or the Main Beach next to the rockwall. For long boarders First Point is the nearest to Hastings Street.

Surfing from the National Park is very popular with experienced surfers and after a storm offers a long surf ride. A short walk along the coastal path is Tea Tree Bay, again popular with local surfers. For the very experienced Sunshine Beach offers exposed surfing on long beaches, but it can be very dangerous for inexperienced surfers.

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