Noosa Wildlife Spotting

  • Koala

    Noosa could not be any prouder of its resident koalas, there are thought to be about 30 in the National Park and are often easy to spot if you know where to look. Check out our koala spotter section on the home page of this app for their latest location. But if you want to have a go at finding them yourself, start in the National Park, car park or try around the toilets at Tea Tree Bay.

    Tea Tree Bay Noosa National Park

  • Turtle

    For a really good chance of seeing a turtle, head out to Hells Gate, about 2.5km into the Coastal Track in the National Park and look down into the treacherous waters below, be patient and wait for them to pop up, I'm pretty certain you will find one if you are motivated.

    Noosa National Park

  • Kangaroo

    Ok, notebooks out, here are the best spots to see a kangaroo. Elanda Point Camp Ground, Tewantin Golf Course, Noosa Par 3, Walking tracks on Mount Tinbeerwah and if you are really desperate head to the Sunshine Coast Uni. Just don't get too close, wild kangaroos pack a serious punch. They seem to prefer early mornings or late afternoons to come out and play, and enjoy exploring on rainy days. Best of luck.

    Noosa-Tewantin Golf Course

  • Whales

    For the experience of a lifetime, head about 2 hours north to Hervey Bay and book onto one of their whale watching cruises. Whales head to the bay from Antarctica each year in the winter months to breed and feed in the warmer waters.

    Hervey Bay

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